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Postal Business Automation Solution ERGONOMY, EFFICIENCY, TIMELINESS covers all aspects of today's modern postal business

[Who are we?]

MIPS Company, as a part of ALFATEC Group Company, is the provider of information & communication technologies and business services delivering exceptional service and sustainable value through technology, consulting, software and IT implementation.

Headquartered in Zagreb, Croatia, ALFATEC Group companies serve customers across South Eastern Europe, including Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia etc.

Our diverse clientele includes upper mid-sized companies and larger enterprises in targeted industries across the South Eastern Europe as well as public sector customers in domestic and foreign markets. ALFATEC Group has been, since its inception, com­ mitted and focused on ICT management solutions using world's renowned technologies like IBM Informix, SAP Business Objects, Thales, etc.

These renowned technologies combined with our ex­pertise and experience result in high-end solutions being delivered to our customers, all coming from various industries such as postal, telco, banking & financial services sector, government/public sector and others. In addition, we have been successfully delivering software development services to our clients over the past two decades as well as developed and modernized several software products which have found its way to some large enterprises in the Adriatic region. Our software development team has broad experience in implementing even the most complex applications and systems with a full software development cycle. With its 60 experienced and constantly educated experts we provide technology answers in the areas of design & architecture, deployment and systems management of various ICT solutions.

Moreover, throughout the MIPS Company, a part of ALFATEC Group organizational structure, we have become a market leader in the area of postal business automation in the Adriatic region providing our customers, national and independent postal operators, with the best-of-breed postal business and counter automation systems design, implementation and support.


Continuously improving our services and solutions portfolio, educating our employees and applying innovative technology in order to achieve the market perception of us as the leader in our business operations segment.

In order to fulfill our vision and mission in the market as well as to satisfy the business needs of our customers it is our imperative to have the right level of knowledge, expertise and creativity in:

  • Postal Business Automation
  • Data Management
  • Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence (DWHIBI)
  • IT Security
  • Communication
  • Custom software development


To understand the customers' business needs and to offer the solution that meets them while using our employees' knowledge and experience combined with the world's leading technologies. A satisfied customer will result in prosperity of ALFATEC Group which will automatically lead to realization of our employees' needs and satisfaction.

[What we do?]

MIPS Company (Alfatec Group member) is a market leader in the Adriatic region in a segment of postal business automation system development, consulting and support. Postal business automation team consist of 20 experts who develop, implement and fully support UPU (Universal Postal Union) compliant postal business automation system know as MIPS Postal Business Automation System.

At this moment MIPS Company has two national postal operators as long-term clients: Croatian Post Inc. in Croatia and Croatian Post Ltd. Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

MIPS Postal Business Automation System has been developed on reliable development technologies (Jam, Java, Delphi) and it is based on the reliable IBM Informix database software. MIPS Postal Business Automation System covers all critical areas of postal operations and it is intended for working with a enormous number of users in a high-end OLTP environment.

Moreover, MIPS Postal Business Automation System is designed and developed to meet the UPU standards and norms.

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[Postal Business Automation Solution]

MIPS Postal Business Automation System covers all aspects of today's modern postal business. Functionalities cover in detail areas like:


  • Item Acceptance, Dispatch, Conveyance and Takeover
  • Item Processing and Routing
  • Item Preparation and Handover
  • Item Preparation and Delivery


  • National Payment Transactions (bill payments, third-party transactions)


  • Commercial bank saving account services - cash transactions and non-cash transactions
  • Commercial bank current accounts
  • Insurance and Other services


  • Postal money orders
  • International money orders
  • Money Order Preparation, Delivery and Accounting


  • Full spectrum of trade functions
  • Stock Management
  • Postage Stamps and Prepaid Envelopes sales
  • Philately
  • Electronic goods sale - mobile vouchers, e-tickets, etc.
  • Consignment and Related services


  • Internal integration (ERP, call center, third party solutions)
  • External integration (banks, key customers, ...)
  • International postal integration


  • Settlement
  • Various payment options
  • Transaction logs
  • Cahs management


  • Micro-Management Reporting
  • Regulatory statistics reports


  • Real-time business process monitoring
  • Dynamic management reporting (role dependent scope)
  • Office administration support tools


  • Counter money exchange
  • Central money exchange office
  • Regulatory reporting


  • Real-time business process monitoring
  • Dynamic management reporting (role dependent scope)
  • Office administration support tools


  • Telephone services (operator assistance, non-operator assistance)
  • Telegram services (counter, call center, web)


  • Full IPS compliant track & trace service
  • IPS Connection
  • Web (public and internal)


  • Support for partially computerized postal organization
  • Subsequent data input for non-computorized post offices



We have been using MIPS postal business automation system for almost two decades now. Duringthis period we have continuously focused on the postal counter to meet our requirements for efficiency, ergonomy and huge transactional throughput, ensuring the highest quality and timeliness at the same time. Beside this crucial postal business operation, MIPS postal business automation system and MIPS expert team behind it, have provided us with the most advanced infrastructure for automation that exceeds the counter system itself, extending it with some specific solutions, such as business management, reporting solutions and online business operation.

Ivica Kranjčić, Management Board Member, Croatian Post Inc., Croatia

We have chosen MIPS postal business automation system because of its built-in functionalities what ensure us that critical data cannot be lost. It is fundamental for our business to ensure that critical data will be preserved even if one of our branches goes down. With MIPS postal business automation system architecture, replication and distributed network we are sure that everything will go smoothly.

Mate Rupčić, Management Board Advisor, Croatian Post Ltd. Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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